How strong is 
Israel’s future?

Our youth hold the answer – that’s why Israel’s Next Generation helps Israeli teens, students and soldiers connect to our heritage and to our homeland

At the heart of it all in Israel

From the news, it might feel Israel is filled with fragmentation and divide. 

But on the ground in Israel – and especially with the younger generations, the reality is filled with hope, resolve and determination. There’s a beautiful yearning for connection, to each other and to our Jewish roots.

At the foundation of the formative years

weekly classes, events and Friday night meals
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teens, students and soldiers participate each week
dedicated husband-wife teams of shluchim
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centers around the country
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strong nation, united by shared values 

potential for more Jewish pride than ever before

If you know someone aged 13-30 in Israel, they’ve probably joined INEXTG’s programs

From ages 13-30, Israelis go through three major chapters: high school, the military, and college. Israel Next Generation provides funding for three programs that provide a major Jewish presence at every point.

Imparting knowledge during their impressionable teenage years


Based around activities

 for ages 13-17

Reinforcing their resolve and sense of mission as they fight

IDF Core

Partnering with the IDF

for ages 18-22

Fortifying their Jewish identity when they go out on their own

Chabad on

Centered on campuses

for ages 23-30

The soldiers search,
The college students crave,

and the youth yearn

More than ever, Israeli youth are realizing that it’s not enough to just speak the language and live in the land. 
If you don’t know why we’re here – and why our ancestors came back after having dreamt about this land for thousands of years – there’s no clear sense of direction. 

In the fight to stay modern and relevant, our youth don’t always find the ideology that guides the path forward. 
Their lack of knowledge about Jewish history and
lack of exposure to Jewish traditions leaves a void.

Without a strong core, Israeli youth risk feeling indifferent. Alienated. Apathetic.

Without a strong core, Israeli youth risk feeling indifferent. Alienated. Apathetic.

When they’re in high school: “Why should I care?” 
When they’re in the army: “What am I fighting for?” 
When they’re in university: “Why should I lead that life?”

Deep down, they do care.
They just need to connect.


Israel isn’t just on the map. 
It’s in every Jew’s heart.

INEXTG supports programming to awaken that identity until it beats so strong and so proud, nothing can ever quiet it again.

Exposure to Judaism and our age-old traditions

Opportunities to nurture community, kindness and generosity

Foundational ties to our homeland

The programs young Israelis say are “...the biggest influences on my Jewish identity”

– Former student, current soldier

Jews in Israel and Jews around the world aren’t far apart.

Our history, pain – and future – have always been strongly linked. Even if they never made it over, our ancestors cried for this land every day. Israel’s path intertwines around the world as we all strive to keep our heritage alive.

In the strong future you can help create –

Every Jew understands the importance of our traditions

and how it enriches their lives.

Every Jew feels responsible for this country

and shows solidarity toward every other Jew.

Every Jew cherishes the tradition of building Jewish families

and establishing another unbreakable link in the chain of our people.

For Israel to survive we need future generations to stand up and say,
“Yes, I want to be here.

I’ll fight to be here.”

It’s not only on the battlefront. 

Our continuity lies in hearts and minds. 

Together with your support, we can help thousands of young Israelis deepen their sense of Jewish identity. They’ll have foundation that’s rooted in timeless values, ones that have sustained our people for generations past – and that will keep us strong in generations to come.